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We at FjordAgency focus on storytelling and the belief that all people carry an exciting story. We work cost-efficient with all of our clients and make sure that you spend your money smart and not paying more than you have to.



 - A first creative meeting

A first meeting where your target group, vision, purpose, message and goals are defined.

– Start-up process

We present an idea and send a quotation with a production plan to you along with colors, style and story.

– Pre-Production

In Pre-Production we prepare the work for filming. We produce everything from script and storyboard, to searching locations and casting the right people for the film. After that we take a pre-production meeting where we go through all the details before the recording so that everyone is on the same track when the recording day is here.

– Production

Our directors and filmmakers start filming on location with the team and create all the footage needed to create the film for you.

– Post-Production

Post-Production starts; the film is being edited, the music and sound is being composed along with a first grade is being created. This first offline version (edit) is being sent to you for feedback. After the feedback is being sent back to us, we are making a revision and "onlining" the film. Now, the music and sound is being mastered on a precise level, the final grade is being created and exported to a format you like.

– Post-Production

Together with you, we go through the results, impact and goals that were in the brief.

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